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Purpendicular, was formed in October 2007 by Irish Vocalist/Frontman Robby Thomas Walsh. The success Story of Purpendicular is nothing Short of amazing, as in the First Touring year the Band completed a short European Tour with Original Deep Purple Drummer Ian Paice. The First two years the Band completed Shows in mainly Austria & Germany.

In 2010, the Band were Invited to Russia St Petersburg and perform with the Legendary Vocalist of Rainbow, Deep Purple & Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner. By the year 2011, The Band underwent a complete revamp, Bringing in new Players who had Performed with Jon Lord the Concerto For Group & Orchestra in 2009.This change was mainly due to Tour much more than before and get established in many other Countries.

In Purpendicular are using and sharing the Same Drum Kit and Set up as Ian Paice.


By 2012 the Band embarked on the Official 40th Anniversary Tour of Machine Head which was endorsed by Ian Paice. On this Tour The Band were Joined by Ian Paice for a few Dates in Switzerland & Germany as well as the Surprise addition of Original Deep Purple Bassist Roger Glover. This was the very first Deep Purple Tribute that Roger ever Performed with and has stated his Interest to do so again if time allows.


Another major Event for Purpendicular on the Machine Head Tour was the Historic Invite to play in Montreux Switzerland, which is a Town with a Rich and Famous Deep Purple History.

Again this was another feat in which no other Deep Purple Tribute had achieved until now.


Purpendicular now have completed Tours in Countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Denmark,and Croatia with many more Countries to be covered in the near Future.


2012 also seen Purpendicular as the Worlds most Booked Deep Purple Tribute Show.


In 2013 Purpendicular will Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Battle Rages on Tour, which was naturally Ritchie Blackmores last Studio album with the Band! 2014 and 2015 Purpendicular wrote and recorded their Brand New Original Album Titled, 'tHis is the tHing #1 Featuring Ian Paice, Roger Glover, and Niell Murray.

The Band toured heavily in 2015 with some Guest Star players joining occasionally. Ian Paice completed Nine Dates between October 2014 and 2015 in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland,& Denmark promoting the New Album. 2015 & 2016 the Band has embarked on heavy Touring in many Countries and have begun writing sessions for the follow up to the album tHis is the tHing#1.

"Purpendicular is an excellent band."  - Richie Blackmore.

"You sound very crisp! Very good show!"  - Roger Glover.

"They are one of the top bands I play outside Purple". "These guys are just fantastic. People ask me why I do these things, I enjoy playing for you and I enjoy playing with these guys."  - Ian Paice after his show with Purpendicular in 2012.



Ian Paice est le batteur légendaire du groupe à succès Deep Purple, dont il est désormais le seul membre fondateur restant. Il est actuellement en tournée avec le groupe Purpendicular pour présenter son set : « Deep Purple -  Best of Classics ». Le show a été conçu pour rester à taille humaine et permettre au public d’apprécier le son qui a fait l’alchimie de Deep Purple y compris dans une ambiance club. Pas de superflus ni show vidéo donc, car voir Ian Paice produire son style de jeu unique à seulement quelques mètres du public pendant deux heures reste une expérience inégalable, c’est une occasion unique de revivre tous les grands classiques de Deep Purple dont «Child In Time», «Black Night», «Smoke On The Water», «Woman From Tokyo» et «Hush».


A chacune de ses apparitions scéniques, le groupe Purpendicular, que Ian Paice et Joe Lynn Turner ont eux-mêmes cité comme  étant le «meilleur groupe hommage à Deep Purple au monde à l’heure actuelle», restitue avec brio toute la magie sonore qui a fait le succès et la légende de Deep Purple. Ritchie Blackmore dit aussi que "Purpendicular est un groupe excellent" et Roger Glover, après sa performance avec Purpendicular à Bâle 2012 a déclaré, "Le son de Purpendiclular respire la fraîcheur,  c'est un grand plaisir pour moi de pouvoir me produire avec eux". C’est sans doute aussi ce qui explique pourquoi Steve Morse, Don Airey, Roger Glover et Neil Murray ont été invités sur le premier album «tHis is the tHing#1» aux côtés de Ian Paice. Sur l'album actuel "Venus to Volcanus", Ian Paice se dit honoré d’y jouer la batterie. Un autre invité est l'ancien claviériste du groupe Rainbow : Tony Carey. L’album s’est distingué dans le Top 20 des charts Metal-Rock en Allemagne.

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