E-TAR BUS, Virtual Guitar Festival & Live Venue


LOGO BLANC + ARTWORK by DM 500x500.png

E-TAR BUS © is a unique Virtual Guitar Festival dedicated to all kind of guitars and all kinds of guitar expressions. This new type of event was designed by Antoine having only a few motives initially: first was his love for music and passion for the instrument (the guitar), also the achievements of great guitar Legends, second was a simple principle: “Every good musician should be granted his/her own festival exposure.” In a fast changing world added to the recent pandemic situation, the idea of going virtual appeared as evidence. And that was it: E-TAR BUS was born. "E" goes for virtual and "TAR" for guitar, The e-festival is open to all guitar performers (or guitar alike) and it welcomes ALL music genres as well. Whatever their playing-level or recognition, guitar performers from all fields are invited to gather and join one of the most original communities. This is where the "BUS" comes in: Antoine likes the school bus especially as it symbolizes a collective platform where not only guitarists but also visitors can learn together from a world of guitar verves. The E-TAR BUS Facebook page is the place where any guitar player can post his/her demo videos. No shortlist and no competition either and it is absolutely free!... Coming soon: live stream shows to be held on the Facebook page and the E-TAR BUS website simultaneously.