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Ten Years After

In 1967,
four young musicians from Nottinghamshire, England formed Ten Years After.

Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Ric Lee & Leo Lyons became one of the most explosive quartets on the world stage and cemented themselves as one of the biggest bands in Rock n Roll history. The beginning of their meteoric rise to fame can be pinpointed to their performance at The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in August 1969.

Their now legendary encore “I’m Going Home” was captured on film and became one of the centre pieces of the subsequent Academy Award winning documentary. It exposed their unique combination of Jazz, Blues and Rock to a large audience who were blown away by the intensity of the band’s performance.

The band scored eight Top 40 albums on the UK Albums Chart and twelve multi million selling albums on the US Billboard 200 between 1967 and 1974.

It is estimated that during this period they were performing to in excess of 75,000 new fans a week. Almost four million people a year. The band broke up in 1974 after their final Columbia album Positive Vibrations and reunited again in 1983 to play the Reading Festival. In 1988 they reformed once again and recorded the album About Time with producer Terry Manning in Memphis but again went their separate ways.

In 1994 they came together for a final time to play in Brazil. During the post 1994 hiatus Ric Lee, Chick Churchill and Leo Lyons reformed and toured with various different guitarists and singers under the Ten Years After name and in 2013 Leo Lyons left the band.

On 6 March 2013, to the great shock and surprise of the remaining founder members, Alvin Lee died from complications during a routine medical procedure. He was 68 years old.

In 2014 founder members Ric Lee and Chick Churchill (wanting to keep the memory of the band alive and pay tribute to the legendary albums they made with Alvin Lee over the years) put Ten Years After back together with a new lineup. This new and exciting lineup features British Bass icon Colin Hodgkinson (Backdoor, Peter Green, Alexis Corner, Spencer Davis, Chris Rea, John Lord) and multi British Blues Award winning guitarist and singer Marcus Bonfanti (Van Morrison, Ginger Baker, Ronnie Wood).

Much appreciated from the outset, the new lineup has managed to attract a new generation of fans and reach new audiences. Now touring extensively, its shows have received rave reviews from all corners of the world as they continue to produce the high energy of a vintage Ten Years After show 50 years down the line.

To tie in with the bands 50th anniversary in 2017, Ten Years After have recorded a studio album of original material “A Sting In The Tale”. With uninterrupted touring throughout Europe and in America since, the band keeps the flame alive promoting both the anniversary and new release.



Véritables précurseurs, Ten Years After ont marqué le festival Woodstock de leur empreinte en 1969. C’est suite à la performance légendaire d’Alvin Lee que le groupe a ouvert la voie aux groupes de blues et blues-rock anglais qui ont déferlé sur les USA dans les 70’s. 

Voilà sept années qu’Alvin Lee nous a quitté, mais TEN YEARS AFTER sont toujours présents ! Tel un phénix, le groupe TEN YEARS AFTER a su retrouver ses couleurs originelles avec la performance époustouflante de Marcus Bonfanti son nouveau frontman à la guitare et au chant lead ; tout comme l’était Alvin, Marcus est un incroyable showman! A la basse, Colin Hodgkinson a rejoint le groupe suite au départ de Leo Lyons. Fort de références prestigieuses, dont Chris Rea, Whitesnake, Jon Lord, Jan Hammer… Colin s'affirme en redoutable pilier. 

Et bien sûr, 50 ans après leurs débuts, le bonheur reste entier de pouvoir retrouver ensemble sur scène les deux originaux membres fondateurs du groupe : Chick Churchill (claviers) et Ric Lee (drums).

Le dernier album studio « A STING IN THE TALE » sorti en 2017, reflète en tous points la flamme qui anime TEN YEARS AFTER. 

Line-Up ______________________________________

Marcus Bonfanti: guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Chick Churchill : keyboards
Ric Lee: drums
Colin Hodgkinson: bass.

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Letz Zep,
Europe's #1 Tribute Band to Led Zeppelin

''I walked in, I saw me''  - That was the comment in Q magazine by Robert Plant himself on the Letz Zep gig he attended in London, he continued to say that it is like watching himself on stage! Robert also commented that the physical similarity between himself and Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke is 'Spooky'. Plant also gave the band his blessing when interviewed on VH1 TV show 'In The Round'. 


Letz Zep are the official number one tribute to Led Zeppelin and Baby They Ain't Foolin'.


An achievement marked by the authoritative Ticketmaster organisation when they awarded the band 'The Most Popular' and 'The Most Highly Rated' tribute to Led Zeppelin today.

Letz Zep are the best known and most successful tribute to Led Zeppelin and have written a page into the history of tribute bands with their achievements. Jimmy Page has also attended a gig by Letz Zep when he invited he band to join him after the show. He complimented the band on the performance.''That was ambitious, but you pulled it off'', said Jimmy about the set Letz Zep performed in his presence. ''I've been hearing a lot of good things about your band, we have a lot of mutual friends so stay in touch'' Jimmy continued ''You have captured the spirit of Led Zeppelin concerts, you really are very, very good''. Jimmy was then kind enough to personally invite Letz Zep to perform at the prestigious official launch party for the Led Zeppelin 'Mothership' release, and also the launch party for the remastered 'The Song Remains The Same' DVD Letz Zep were invited to the 02 reunion show and also to the premiere for the DVD 'Celebration Day' with Led Zeppelin in Hammersmith, London.

Letz Zep were honoured and proud to perform a headline set at the 'John Bonham - A Celebration' concert. To celebrate the life and legacy of the great John Bonham and to coincide with the unveiling of a bronze statue to the legendary percussionist in his home-town of Redditch.

Warner music themselves name Letz Zep as 'Europe's best tribute to Led Zeppelin' and they should know, being the record lable for Led Zeppelin themselves.

Letz Zep currently have eight live albums and 2 DVDs available, distributed via Sony Music to over one million listeners worldwide. There are also two books on the band available worldwide on Amazon.

Letz Zep is formed by talented and respected musicians who are all true Zep fans with a strong musical pedigree. Its members have toured with artist such as Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Debbie Bonham, Guy Chambers, Steve Hackett, Dr Feelgood, Saxon and Uriah Heep, to name but a few.

Described in Kerrang! Magazine as 'Better than a Led Zeppelin Re-union', all four members possess the considerable musical ability required to a completely convincing recreation of Led Zeppelin in their prime, complete with the 'tight but loose' trademark element so essential to the raw excitement of a Led Zeppelin concert.

Rub your eyes in wonder at the territories in which British band Letz Zep perform. France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand the list goes on... and on! Taking in over 50 countries on four continents. Bringing the music of Led Zeppelin to new generations and confirming Letz Zep a truly global act.

Letz Zep have appeared on over 100 festivals worldwide including Viva Latino in Mexico with Jane's Addiction and are the first and only tribute band to ever appear at the prestigious Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.

Letz Zep cover the entire recording career of Led Zeppelin. From the haunting melody of 'Kashmir' to the rockers such as 'Whole Lotta Love and 'Immigrant Song'. The folksy acoustics such as 'Going to California' and 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You' to the classic 'Stairway to Heaven' a concert by Letz Zep bring you an evening with the music of the greatest rock band EVER! Led Zeppelin.

A not to be missed night for all fans of the genre. Letz Zep are not an exercise in nostalgia but a heart rendering cry against complacency and forgetfulness. Faithfully recreating the sights and sounds of Led Zeppelin at their awesome best. From humble beginnings on the London pub scene Letz Zep now perform on the biggest stages in the world.

Popular with both the public and promoters alike, Letz Zep have performed at over 50 major festivals worldwide, many as headline act!

"I walked in, I saw me!!!."  - Robert Plant.

"There are tribute bands and then there is Letz Zep, who are monsters, they play in a different league than the others"  - Metal Portal, Spain.


Élu le groupe N° 1 de tous les temps par le magazine Rolling Stone, Led Zeppelin est aussi considéré comme étant le groupe le plus influent de l’histoire du rock. Son empreinte est toujours vive de nos jours sur les jeunes générations de musiciens. Quand  Led Zeppelin a décidé de se reformer et de jouer live pour la 1ère fois après 27 ans d’absence (London’s 02 Arena en Décembre 2007), c’est en quelques minutes seulement que s’écoulèrent les 20.000 billets d’entrée, laissant 20 millions de fans frustrés !

On comprend aisément que ce groupe phénomène ait engendré des tribute bands ! Le groupe anglais Letz Zep est l’un d’entre eux. En seulement quelques années, il s’est imposé comme le meilleur groupe hommage à Led Zeppelin.

Tellement pointus dans la reproduction du groupe original, ils laissent souvent les fans bluffés et troublés. Robert Plant lui-même, à l'issue d’un de leur show, a dit : "Je suis venu - j’ai cru me voir sur scène !!!" De son côté, Jimmy Page leur a déclaré : "j'aimerais venir jouer avec vous un de ces jours".

Led Zeppelin eux-mêmes montrent du respect pour leurs disciples, ils ont d’ailleurs assisté aux concerts de Letz Zep et chacun d’entre eux a pu rencontrer son homologue. C’est ainsi que Letz Zep a été récompensé par une invitation à venir jouer à la fête de lancement du dernier album de Led Zeppelin "Mothership" à Soho à Londres, établissant ainsi leur suprématie dans leur domaine et gagnant un nombre incalculable de fans, y compris dans le monde des médias et des célébrités.

Un concert de Letz Zep n'est pas juste un exercice de style nostalgique, c'est surtout du rock & roll de très haut niveau, une révolte contre le temps qui passe qui nous rappelle combien Led Zeppelin est force d'inspiration.

Letz Zep est formé de musiciens talentueux, expérimentés et respectés, dotés de fortes identités musicales. Avant de former le groupe Letz Zep, ses membres ont tourné avec de nombreux artistes tels qu’Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Debbie Bonham, Steve Hackett, Dr Feelgood, Bad Company, Ted Nugent et Uriah Heep pour n’en citer que quelques uns.

Le chanteur est de surcroit doté d'une incroyable ressemblance avec Robert Plant. Sa performance est si convaincante que le management de Led Zeppelin les aurait confondus !

Aujourd’hui il y a de nombreux groupes qui copient la musique des plus grands, mais rares sont ceux qui rendent justice à ce que les légendes ont créé. Pas définition Letz Zep reprend l’ensemble du catalogue de ses idoles en continuant d’y ajouter un à un  les grands classiques, sans occulter pour autant les moins connus. Leur concert couvre l’ensemble de ce que les icônes ont créé et ce faisant, il réussit à fédérer aussi bien les jeunes générations qui découvrent Led Zeppelin que les fans experts.

La critique internationale est unanime pour dire que Letz Zep est le N°1 des groupes qui rendent hommage à la musique de Led Zeppelin aujourd’hui et pour sûr, “ça ne plaisante pas”. Leur exploit a été récompensé par la Authoritative Ticketmaster Organisation, qui vient de leur attribuer le statut de ‘The Most Popular’ & ‘The Most Highly Rated’ tribute à Led Zeppelin au Royaume Uni.


A son tour, l’élève s’impose en vrai phénomène. Le groupe a réussi le tour de force de remplir « sold-out » l’Olympia à 2 reprises à Paris, un must pour un tribute band. Il totalise un nombre impressionnant de shows tous « bondés » dans quelques 33 pays et 4 continents lors de ses dernières tournées.

La demande pour Letz Zep n’a jamais été aussi grande ! Après s’être produit à deux reprises à l’Olympia de Paris en 2019 où il a enregistré son dernier live ‘Live in Paris’, le groupe poursuit ses tournées avec des salles majeures, pas seulement au Royaume Uni mais aussi dans toute l’Europe et en Amérique du Sud.


Cette année 2020, il va participer à la prochaine ‘Romance Cruise Line’ au départ de Miami. Le groupe est régulièrement à l’affiche de grands festivals dont le prestigieux Bospop en Hollande ainsi que le Wacken WOA en Allemagne.

Ian Paice & Purpendicular





Purpendicular, was formed in October 2007 by Irish Vocalist/Frontman Robby Thomas Walsh. The success Story of Purpendicular is nothing Short of amazing, as in the First Touring year the Band completed a short European Tour with Original Deep Purple Drummer Ian Paice. The First two years the Band completed Shows in mainly Austria & Germany.

In 2010, the Band were Invited to Russia St Petersburg and perform with the Legendary Vocalist of Rainbow, Deep Purple & Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner. By the year 2011, The Band underwent a complete revamp, Bringing in new Players who had Performed with Jon Lord the Concerto For Group & Orchestra in 2009.This change was mainly due to Tour much more than before and get established in many other Countries.

In Purpendicular are using and sharing the Same Drum Kit and Set up as Ian Paice.


By 2012 the Band embarked on the Official 40th Anniversary Tour of Machine Head which was endorsed by Ian Paice. On this Tour The Band were Joined by Ian Paice for a few Dates in Switzerland & Germany as well as the Surprise addition of Original Deep Purple Bassist Roger Glover. This was the very first Deep Purple Tribute that Roger ever Performed with and has stated his Interest to do so again if time allows.


Another major Event for Purpendicular on the Machine Head Tour was the Historic Invite to play in Montreux Switzerland, which is a Town with a Rich and Famous Deep Purple History.

Again this was another feat in which no other Deep Purple Tribute had achieved until now.


Purpendicular now have completed Tours in Countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Denmark,and Croatia with many more Countries to be covered in the near Future.


2012 also seen Purpendicular as the Worlds most Booked Deep Purple Tribute Show.


In 2013 Purpendicular will Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Battle Rages on Tour, which was naturally Ritchie Blackmores last Studio album with the Band! 2014 and 2015 Purpendicular wrote and recorded their Brand New Original Album Titled, 'tHis is the tHing #1 Featuring Ian Paice, Roger Glover, and Niell Murray.

The Band toured heavily in 2015 with some Guest Star players joining occasionally. Ian Paice completed Nine Dates between October 2014 and 2015 in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland,& Denmark promoting the New Album. 2015 & 2016 the Band has embarked on heavy Touring in many Countries and have begun writing sessions for the follow up to the album tHis is the tHing#1.

"Purpendicular is an excellent band."  - Richie Blackmore.

"You sound very crisp! Very good show!"  - Roger Glover.

"They are one of the top bands I play outside Purple". "These guys are just fantastic. People ask me why I do these things, I enjoy playing for you and I enjoy playing with these guys."  - Ian Paice after his show with purpendicular in 2012.



Ian Paice est le batteur légendaire du groupe à succès Deep Purple, dont il est désormais le seul membre fondateur restant. Il est actuellement en tournée avec le groupe Purpendicular pour présenter son set : « Deep Purple -  Best of Classics ». Le show a été conçu pour rester à taille humaine et permettre au public d’apprécier le son qui a fait l’alchimie de Deep Purple y compris dans une ambiance club. Pas de superflus ni show vidéo donc, car voir Ian Paice produire son style de jeu unique à seulement quelques mètres du public pendant deux heures reste une expérience inégalable, c’est une occasion unique de revivre tous les grands classiques de Deep Purple dont «Child In Time», «Black Night», «Smoke On The Water», «Woman From Tokyo» et «Hush».


A chacune de ses apparitions scéniques, le groupe Purpendicular, que Ian Paice et Joe Lynn Turner ont eux-mêmes cité comme  étant le «meilleur groupe hommage à Deep Purple au monde à l’heure actuelle», restitue avec brio toute la magie sonore qui a fait le succès et la légende de Deep Purple. Ritchie Blackmore dit aussi que "Purpendicular est un groupe excellent" et Roger Glover, après sa performance avec Purpendicular à Bâle 2012 a déclaré, "Le son de Purpendiclular respire la fraîcheur,  c'est un grand plaisir pour moi de pouvoir me produire avec eux". C’est sans doute aussi ce qui explique pourquoi Steve Morse, Don Airey, Roger Glover et Neil Murray ont été invités sur le premier album «tHis is the tHing#1» aux côtés de Ian Paice. Sur l'album actuel "Venus to Volcanus", Ian Paice se dit honoré d’y jouer la batterie. Un autre invité est l'ancien claviériste du groupe Rainbow : Tony Carey. L’album s’est distingué dans le Top 20 des charts Metal-Rock en Allemagne.